IT and Automation

Information Technology as a term originated in 1958. In the past 50 years or more it has evolved into an essential part of the world. Today it is widely used, very soon it would become like an essential service – much like electricity or cooking gas. So what does IT brings to our life – corporate or individual? In the most practical perspective, IT brings efficiencies to our world by enabling automation. Whether it be corporate accounting, or personal emails IT has taken away those hard manual labor into lightning fast interactions of computers and digital media. And this happened over those 50 years, step by step.

In the first step, we just computed numbers and solved complex equations. Then we learned to program repetitive tasks. It developed into workflows, applications and data processing. Soon we learned to interlink those automations and achieve a higher degree of automations. This gave birth to network of computers and ultimately the Internet. Once the common tasks were automated we went on to analyze the efficiencies of this automated world. Such analysis became automated in the next step, helping us quickly learn, decide and respond to digital events. So where do we go next? Automate the learnings, decisions, and responses? Certainly that is the direction the researches are heading to. Self-driving cars, natural language processing, smart grids, self-healing networks…

So where does your business stand now in IT automation? Are you trying to automate the tasks, or automate the analysis or automate the decisions?

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