Connecting the Dots

It’s one of the popular game for children, connecting the dots – and you see the larger picture emerge. The dots which are isolated, meaningless acquire a shape, a form, a story when it is connected.

In Information Technology, connecting the dots works the same way. Every individual, every information processing unit is a dot. Isolated in existence. The dots when connected – through data integration, application integration, or even social networks, or just a comment feed starts acquiring a meaning, a larger picture emerging. The inter-relationships add meaning, value to the isolated dots in the space. It means a relationship, sometime a transaction, sometimes a contract.

Google built it’s algorithm by connecting the dots – the original PageRank algorithm which ranks site by how many external sites are “connected” to it. The network marketing companies work on similar premises. Facebook and Twitter are non-existent without connections. In today’s world connectedness is a given. I still remember the late 1990 and early 2000s when the core-banking solutions were a craze, centralized and networked banking was a future of banking sector – where I come from.

How does it help your organization – to be connected. It might be your IT systems, your employee network or even your partner network. Being connected is the now. If you are exploring the the social media and networking aspects for your business, or even better ways of making your systems talk to each other, feel free to get in “touch” with us at

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