Touch The Future

Touch the Future – that’s what we call our initiatives to reach out to leading-edge technologies. In the rapidly changing world of information technology, and user/consumer behaviors modeled by that, we take special attention to stay smart, and to stay relevant.

If you look at the technology companies and how the current leaders emerged in the past 10 years, one thing is pretty clear. Those who were courageous enough to explore the new, let go off their comfort zone, and learned quickly remains relevant. Many a fortunes have changed in the last 10 years. This was not something new. Through the centuries wise men (and women) observed and remarked about such outcomes. It is only that the pace at which development happens is more faster these days. The ever-increasing pace of development is a scary thought in itself – but the fact that this is achieved by discovering and inventing new set of efficiencies is a thought for comfort.

At Trayix, we have decided to stay relevant. It may not be a direct competition that we are looking at, but it would be smarter ways of doing things. Letting go off our comfort zones. Discovering new efficiencies of building and running software.

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