Sawal, Consulting Questionnaire

The effectiveness of a consulting assignment is the breadth and depth of information collected about the problem. May the problem be related to Information Technology or not. The most common and practical approach is to ask questions. The questions may be phrased and posed in such a way that the assumptions, of both consultant and client, are validated; the facts may be verified or even challenged; and of course the problem can be articulated and detailed.

Most consulting organizations have developed questionnaires to start off the consulting assignments and to set the stage for drilling down with deeper analysis. However, the problem with such questionnaires is that they get outdated. Pretty fast too. A business intelligence consulting questionnaire prepared in 2009 or even 2010 may not be valid now. That’s the pace at which some of the technology domains are evolving.

At Trayix, we have created a framework and tool for managing our consulting artifacts. We call it Sawal. It means question in Hindi. At the heart of it, it is just a question bank software. We manage the consulting questions from various perspectives and will be able to prepare a tailored one just for you. In the meantime, do contact us for the possibility of assessing Information Technology related problems, if you have any.

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